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KanRam is an efficient amalgamation of an array of resources to lend you a helping hand to thrive in business, the main one being our workforce! We are evolving and our portfolio of clients keeps expanding. So, we are always on the lookout for talented professionals who are passionate to make a difference.

We adhere to all government compliances with regards to employee safety and security. We also enrich you with amiable and empathic attitude. Once you enter our folds, you can grow at your own pace backed by a solid organisation that understands you!

Advanced Opportunity

We have over a decade of experience and expertise in smoothing the entrepreneurial struggles for a plethora of industries. Our dedicated service is bringing in more custom, and we are keeping with the digital era by constantly improving the way things are done. When you join our organisation, you will have an opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the ERP sector and learn more about technological advances.

We constantly create new opportunities for existing workforce, and always look forward to bringing in new talents to accentuate our core strengths. We give credit when due, and want our workforce to thrive with us.


We value our workforce, and understand Our responsibility does not just stop with sourcing and hiring our workforce. We understand not everyone is an expert in all fields. We are committed to refine your existing skills and adding new ones with proactive approach. When you join our firm, one of our expert professionals will take you under his wing to mentor and guide you. Such an approach can give you clear insights into your strengths and weaknesses.

This can give you a clear understanding of your skills, and help you choose the apt training programs and certifications to maximise your skills, career prospects and earning potential.


We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, geographical demographics, ethnicity, cultures and religions. With a perfect amity of diverse workforce, we are gaining unique strengths from various sources. Dynamic exchange of ideas and strategic solutions are made possible with effortless ease. We treat you right, for we understand that you are an integral part of our development and success.

Employee Referral Incentive

We know talent attracts talent, and you might know someone who will add value to us as we scale up to new horizons. That is why we have the employee referral bonus scheme in place. You earn a cash incentive if your reference is hired. This has given a double advantage to us -happy employees and better candidates for key positions.

The positions eligible for our referral program includes Programmers, Software Developers, Computer Engineers, Business Analysts, Research Analysts, ERP Architects and other key positions.