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Logistics is the backbone of every industry, and plays an important role to positively balance the relationship between demand and supply. In a nutshell, they help the economy perform without chaos.

KanRam can help you enable a seamless and timely transportation of goods with our intelligent ERP solutions. We understand how competitive logistics sector is, and can tailor an optimised and integrated system to efficiently bridge the gap between logistics companies and clients.

We can effectively transform how your operational framework performs, by automating the logistics system. We equip you with real-time streamlined information and processes to recognise the weak spots that hinder efficient supply and delivery process.

Our Key solutions to enhance your potential

Effective inventory management

Logistics comprises an elaborate system of integration between different parameters. With automated inventory management, you can see accurate stock projections based on production, purchase orders and sales. This paves the way for better supply dynamics. we can create an interface dashboard to monitor inbound and outbound transactions within the warehouse. In addition, batch wise inventory management can help you see the exact location in the warehouse, and generate product bundles for sale.

User management system

Logistics involves a dynamic network of work partners in every stage of the process. Our solution can help you recognise the user privileges of the internal and external teams at a glance. So, it becomes easier to track the way resources are used and reduce communication gap between different teams. This can help pinpoint responsibility when an error occurs and enable you to take corrective measures immediately . We also help you automate payroll processing and manage employee performance. This leads to a goal oriented approach and accentuates the morale of all team players.

Customer Management

We help you access up-to-date information of all customers and their orders, at a click of a button. Feedback and special notes from customers are included alongside the order details for quick reference. This can help you have an integrated planning and execution of transportation of goods. Processing orders can be done with agility and managing delivery can be accomplished with effortless ease. This database can also help you manage the accounting and billing side of things efficiently. Automated payment reminders can be set up for regular business deliveries. This also helps to keep the channel of communication open at all times and create an overall positive experience.

Trip Management

With an integrated system, scheduling a trip becomes easy. Having an organised real time status of fleet, helps in allocation of trucks on expected delivery timings. This system also helps you track the available trucks and drivers at any time. All documents needed for a seamless transportation can be generated at a centralised platform, and this will allow the team to be onboard with the terms and conditions, cost, delivery schedules and associated instructions unique to the order. This centralised integration can also help plan truck maintenance, repair and service schedules.

Cost management

An effective ERP system can help simplify tasks and save time. This helps you monitor the workflow cycle and pick out weak spots to tackle. Automated revenue management helps you keep track of all receivables due, and send reminders periodically. Reduced paperwork, quick information passage and real time tracking can help in reducing unwanted costs and redundancies. Quick decisions are possible when time is of essence.

If you need an ERP system that can seamlessly integrate with the operational framework that you already have in place, we can manage that too. We can also suggest ways to improve the way things perform to enhance your ROI, and customise a solution to fit. Call us today for a quick consultation!


Manufacturing industry is the axis on which the economy balances the demand & supply dynamics. Globalisation has facilitated tremendous growth in the manufacturing sector, thereby fueling growth, productivity and employment in leaps and bounds.

KanRam understands that the manufacturing industry faces a lot of competition, and getting a firm foothold is critical to stay abreast in the market. There is a constant need to evolve to keep up with the dynamic market situation. It is important to automate the internal processes to function seamlessly and reduce costs. This also facilitates effective quality control and supply chain management.

We endeavor to provide you real time information on inventory of raw materials, production process status, workforce management and post production process. This helps optimise utilisation of resources and scale up with flexibility.

Our dynamic solutions to enrich manufacturing sector

Customer Resource Management

What if we said that you will get a 360° view of a customer and the associated orders at a glance? Intrigued? Our resource management solution can help you manage every stage of the conversation cycle. The leads, orders, deliverables, invoices and payment status are clearly laid out on a single page. In addition, every communication with a customer can be viewed on a single page too. This makes decisions, delegation, resolving complaints and monitoring tasks more efficient. This reduces ambiguities and optimises conversation rates.

Automated Purchase Requisition

Raw materials are the backbone of the manufacturing industry. Procuring them with item wise price analysis can help bring down the cost incurred. Our solution allows you to create a material requisition form and request quotes from multiple at a click of a button. This also helps you rate the suppliers based on previous experiences with regards to delivery time, quality and communication. We also give you the flexibility to fix a buffer stock level and automatically send purchase requisitions if the level goes down.

Inventory Monitoring

Our strategic solutions to manage inventory helps you see the current stock of raw materials, purchase orders, sales orders and production orders in real time. Batch wise inventory listing along with its location in the warehouse can be perused at a glance. This inevitably saves time and cost, and reduces manufacturing bottlenecks as inventory replenishments are kept up-to-date. Effortless material management becomes a reality.

Manufacturing Efficiency

Our ERP solutions helps you integrate and schedule manufacturing process across various assembly lines seamlessly. This helps the workforce manage workstations and standardise the process to fit timelines. Generating an optimised Bill of Material inclusive of raw materials, subassemblies, subcomponents and spare parts becomes efficient. In addition, production planning tool helps you to compare each batch against a set benchmark to maintain quality. You can also track the operational costs on real time.

Human Resource Management

our ERP solution can help you effectively to manage the workforce, and boost their morale through automated payroll processing. Training and professional appraisal system can help them learn new skills. Managing employee attendance, leave management and expenses claim management can be tackled effectively. This reduces time wastage and initiate goal oriented approach. Easy tracking of performance is made possible with a click of a button.

If you are involved in export/import business, we can customise a special solution for you. EXIM business involves lots of regulations, documentation and compliances. Call us for more details.

Real Estate

The Real Estate sector is booming due to positive developments in the economy, but high expenses and volatile market fluctuations are the weak spots that hinder efficient performance. However, there is no denying that Real Estate plays a significant role in impacting communities and improving the quality of life.

KanRam endeavours to assist real estate agents to work in an intuitive and proactive manner. We aim to save your time, money and resources with a customised software to tackle the unique challenges associated with this sector. It will help you optimise the entire buying and selling process, by effectively managing leads.

You might be surprised that few intelligent tweaks to organising and streamlining the way things are done, will help you survive in the competitive marketplace with agility. We simplify the operational process by maintaining a unified database for robust customer management, to track leads, effective property handling and to manage the financial cycle.

We smarten the way the Real Estate Industry performs

Portfolio Management

Our solution can give you instant access to all properties in your portfolio, and can give you a 360° view of all information pertaining to each individual property like cost reporting, property history and blueprints. You can also make a note of all factors that determine the value of a property in one screen, thereby enabling you to quote appropriately for customer query. This clarity helps you to communicate precisely and build better customer relationships.

Lease Management

Leasing is the significant branch of real estate industry, and keeping track of tenancy checks and lease deposits will help you improve tenant satisfaction and enhance occupancy rates. Our solution can help you intelligently manage rent and renewals modules. This also helps you analyse demand & supply dynamics by presenting you real time information on leasing status, payment plans, occupancy and vacancy status and collections at the click of a button.

Customer Relationship Management

In this era of digital disruption, more and more leads are coming from social media and marketing platforms.The challenge here is to convert them into actual buyers, and our ERP solutions can help you analyse the information in depth. This will be the rich resource while planning email campaigns and plan publication in popular online platforms to generate positive leads. For existing customers, our solutions help you keep track of preferences and suggest viable solutions. Instant complaint management is made possible

Construction Management

Real estate involves the important vertical of customised constructions. Our specialised solutions allows you to comprehensively manage the progress of projects and track key cost . You will be well equipped to create a bill of quantities ( BOQ) and incorporate the actual costs submitted by subcontractors, to arrive at the estimated cost. Automated daily payments and optimised use of resources reduces redundancies and time wastage. Our solutions also help you manage procurement and inventory through an automated process of material requirement planning.

Finance Management

Our analytics professionals can help you gather and integrate real time data from the key departments to present a clear cut view of the financial strength of your organisation. Our finance dashboard offers concise view of the overall financial standing through reconciliation of account sreceivable, payables, procurement costs, stock of inventory and work in progress. Integrating and optimising the diverse operations can increase your competencies and accentuate your ROI.

We simplify the way things are done and give you better visibility and control of your assets. We help you manage your portfolio efficiently and improve the operational framework to enhance performance. Our solution also equips you to take quick decisions for timely investments, and inevitably enhance your potential revenues.

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Retail industry is a dynamic amalgamation of multiple channels of distribution to satisfy demand for products and services. It is imperative to evolve with the digital era to get a strong foothold in the market. Retail selling involves proactive planning, market analysis, optimising product assortment, enriching customer experience and strategic decisions.

KanRam understands that digital technology has changed the way customers make purchase decisions. Our analytics professionals can enhance your understanding of customer preference and anticipate the change in demand and supply dynamics faster. Inevitably, this will help you gain more following and increase your ROI, through our strategic solutions.

We can help you integrate your internal business processes seamlessly. This also helps you draw up strategic marketing plans to attract and retain customers. We can also help you effectively devise support services like credit provision, delivery services and personalised shopping services.

KanRam accentuates your competencies in the Market Sphere

Demand Forecasting

Our predictive data analytics team can track past trends and forecast future demand, to optimise supply decisions. As survival of a business is peppered with risks and uncertainty, our solutions can help you schedule acquisition of inventory, do proper financial planning, plan marketing strategies and formulate effective pricing structure. The precise prediction of demand over a particular time period can help you maintain optimised stock levels at all times. This eventually help you enhance overall shopping experience and enjoy loyalty of customers even during busy selling periods.

Retail Planning

Our solutions can give you clear insights on the market situations and demands, and enhance the scope for efficient planning to meet the challenges hands on. Our analytics experts can help you gain deep insights into customer driven data for effective Merchandise Planning. This facilitates quick decisions to make the right merchandise available at the right time and maximise your ROI. You will also get a clear understanding of retail space planning with regards to product placement strategies and departmental integration. In addition, we also assist you in aligning the Supply Chain Management to withstand volatile market fluctuations. Such predictive approach will give you a definite edge over your competitors.

Inventory Management

The main crux of retail industry involves maintaining constant stock of goods to meet demands. But, the process of ordering, stocking up effectively and replenishing the stock on periodic basis is a huge task. Right from tracking the placement of goods in the warehouse, drawing up itemised list of products, setting a buffer level and setting up automated reordering when inventory goes below the level and keeping track of all items brought in and taken out of the warehouse, our solutions eases inventory management. Our ERP Planning strategy also enables you to effectively shortlist suppliers based on various parameters like lead time, performance and rates offered, and maintain a desirable stock levels at all times.

>Customer Management

Digital era has brought in advancements in how retail businesses interact with customers. Online ordering and home delivery helps expand your customer base regardless of geographical location. In this scenario, proper maintenance of customer details is imperative to give a positive experience. This can help you categorise the customers based on demographics, preferences and other segmentation.This can help you customise your approach for each group to maximise reach. In addition, email marketing campaigns can be planned effectively. Our Customer Resource Management solutions can facilitate quick resolution of complaints and issues. Other sales boosting customer loyalty programs like reward schemes and bonuses can be planned efficiently.

Financial Planning

Our ERP solutions can help accentuate your multi channel performance by studying customer behavior and planning your financial spend effectively. Our solutions simplify your accounting process, at the same time meet government regulatory compliances. Our customised solution can help you track payables and set an automated invoice reminders in case of delays. Monthly or weekly financial reports can be generated to evaluate performance, identify weak spots, plan marketing campaigns, track results and reduce unnecessary wastage of resources. Optimising the financial spend can be done with effortless ease.

With over a decade of experience, we can tailor you a strategic solution to meet business demands. We also help you with social media management to help your brand make an impact on the minds of your target audience. Call us today for a free consultation.