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In this era of digital disruption, there are vast data resources waiting to be tapped. Doing so efficiently, has the true potential to unlock unlimited opportunities and will facilitate better decision making capabilities. KanRam's Data Analytics Team specialises in helping you monetize your data assets effectively. We have a solid infrastructure to capture and study the data assets, thereby helping you to achieve your business goals efficiently. Data Analytics is a key to .Keep up with competition .Eventually helping you to get a head start over competitors .Unleashing your full potential to revolutionize the market sphere


With the influx of digital technology, Cloud Computing is all the rage now. In simple terms, it is on demand availability of resources, data storage and computing power on a centralised data centre.

Many enterprises are adopting Cloud technology to ease the process of infrastructure automation, operations and management. This gives you a competitive edge, ensures maximum reliability, and easy distribution of applications across multiple data centers.

KanRam walks the entrepreneurial journey with you!

KanRam Cloud Services helps you navigate through complex changes and process the information to make better choices. Our Cloud applications are designed specifically to support complex deployment patterns, and dynamically scale performance parameters. We give you efficient infrastructure for centrally managing the configuration for all applications, thereby facilitating easy balancing of complex deployment patterns.

We help you manage your transition to the cloud, and operate effectively on the cloud. It might seem like a daunting task, but KanRam can assist you to choose the areas of your business that would benefit from the migration. We would study all your applications, give you an idea of costs involved, and offer you technical expertise and support. All this will be accomplished with minimal interference and within an optimized timeline.

Your investment decisions focus on ROI, and we can help you realise your target by developing and deploying apt applications. Whatever your migration choice, be it, private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud, we can help you make a seamless transition.

KanRam's cloud migration experts can help you migrate any of your applications onto Microsoft Azure or AWS cloud platform. We can also help you with data back up strategies and disaster recovery plans. We help you streamline your business applications and data.

We help you,

.Determine the applications that are fit for the cloud .Choosing the best cloud platform for your application .Analysing the requirements of applications that you are moving to cloud .Evaluation of support required during migration .Make a choice between private vs public cloud platforms .Enhance the ROI goals

With the right strategy and planning, we facilitate on time cloud migration within your budget. There are 5 stages for a successful migration.

Planning - The first step is to analyse and decide the scope of work, the applications to be migrated, and confirm deliverables.

Assessment - Here we categorize applications based on business goals, risks involved, understand the current application usage context and trends, and the core objectives of moving to the cloud.

Analyze - In this stage, we help you decide on the right cloud platforms and architecture to suit the applications that needs to be migrated.

Migrate - Modify and migrate applications to fit the move group, and execute cloud code analysis tool on application.

Handing Over - We help a seamless transition of the applications to our application team to deploy in cloud. Testing for suitability is also incorporated immediately.

We ease your transition to cloud computing with proactive planning and dynamic approach. Together, we can work efficiently towards realising your business goals. Take the first step today! Call us.

Software Development

This techno era has dramatically changed how businesses operate. Integrating the key points that contribute towards business success through a dynamic software, renders a seamless business process and better understanding.

From management training to payroll software, there are a plethora of softwares to smoothly operate a business process. You might need to develop a new software or upgrade an existing software to enhance efficiency. There are lots of technicalities to develop software, and it might involve excessive costs, time and effort if you deploy a team internally. This is where we can help!

KanRam makes cutting edge technology easy to grasp!

We offer custom software development and consultation services to organize your business process. Tailoring bespoke services and optimising the way your business operates is our speciality. Our solutions can reduce your internal costs, and let you focus on your competencies and business goals.

You don't need to spend time recruiting and training employees when KanRam gets into the foray! When you entrust software development to us, you will have instant access to some bright IT professionals with years of experience and expertise. They can develop the software either onsite or offshore, as per your choice.

We perform a thorough analysis of your business goals, and give you insights on the product choices available to augment your efficiency. Gathering requirements and specifications gives us clear vision of designing a bespoke software to suit the needs. With years of experience and dynamic solutions panning different domains and industries, we are well equipped to understand your needs and assist you effectively.

We also offer an expansive range of support services and regular maintenance checks to ensure seamless performance.Software maintenance can require a good deal of time and resources, and it is not an ideal proposition when you are juggling a lot of responsibilities. We also ease your burden if you need us to tackle technical issues in an existing software. We can troubleshoot poorly performing applications and rectify the fundamental errors in the code.

How we do it

.We establish a framework in which the developed software will be deployed. There are an array of methodologies to choose like Agile Development, DevOps or others. We sit with you to do a road map for the project.

Planning - The first step is to analyse and decide the scope of work, the applications to be migrated, and confirm deliverables.

We gather requirements to understand what is required by users and other stakeholders.

Choosing or building a suitable architecture within which the software will operate.

We develop a basic structural design through 3D models or storyboards to give you clarity.

We help you choose the right programming language on which the software code can be constructed.

We Test the suitability of the software through simulated scenarios. This helps establish the load balance.

Identify the configuration defects and take steps to address and rectify them.

Deploy the Software and respond to user issues.

If we have developed a new software to update the existing application, we help you migrate data from existing applications.

After deployment support and continuous monitoring to tackle technical issues.

We work around the clock to ensure quick development and deployment. We also train your staff to operate the software seamlessly. This helps improve your competitiveness and time. Talk to our professional expert today!

Staff Augmentation

Human resources are the crux of any business process. Staff augmentation is a dynamic strategy to choose the best workforce to realise business objectives. This helps a business to scale up quickly by hiring temporary workers to fill up short time positions within the existing framework.

When there is a time sensitive project that requires specialized skills, you are better off hiring a well trained professional to implement the project and train the current employees. At the same time you might feel it is not feasible to hire permanently, as the project might end in few months and your current employees can effectively handle other projects. In this scenario, we can help you hire the best talent to slot into your existing operational structure with seamless ease and efficiency.

KanRam enriches your talent pool!

KanRam understands the importance of hiring apt people for every project. In addition, we know how time sensitive projects are and that it is not always ideal to go through the tedious process of recruitment, background checks, hiring formalities and on-boarding.

We have a rich talent pool of professionals with plethora of specializations. We have an elaborate system of hiring with thorough background checks and legal compliances. We also have a referral based sourcing strategy to shortlist the perfect resources to help your business realize its full potential. Our strength lies in identifying the right talent for your requirements.

How we do it

1. We sit with you to understand your specific requirements. We devise you a bespoke talent pool plan after establishing your business goals and technical needs.

2. When your projects require highly skilled consultants onsite, we bring expert staff into your office premises. You have the option to hire them

Permanently - We provide you well qualified staff who are suitably screened for safety and reliability. There is a short turnaround time, and our fee structure is competitive.

Hiring as temporary staff - You can hire a consultant for a one time project, or keep them in temporary status till you determine if they are a good fit. In this scenario, we work with you on a prorated fee structure.

3. Our offshore model let's you manage your resources yourself, or outsource the management to us. The consultant will work for your project from our premises. We establish well defined timeline and deliverables. This is ideal for budgeted projects. We provide round the clock services to meet your specifications.

4. We provide excellent support throughout the project, and give you regular updates on the overall progress. We also take steps to resolve conflicts and address the concerns with immediate effect.

5. Once the project is completed to your full satisfaction, we get your feedback to accentuate our service standards.

The key advantages of entrusting your staff augmentation needs to KanRam are,

  • Optimized and affordable cost
  • Flexibility and access to varied talents
  • Responsibility and control is firmly in place
  • Saves wasting time for an extensive hiring process each time you have a skill requirement
  • A backup team to meet all eventualities

Take a firm step towards a progressive process of outsourcing staffing solutions. Contact us today!


The success of your business is the result of an efficient amalgamation of an array of resources. It is important to integrate human resources, finance planning, sales planning, order processing, logistics and other key processes for smooth operation and enhanced revenues.

Whether your company is a fledgling startup or well established enterprise, choosing an effective ERP system is a tough task. Though you might have all internal processes at your control, ERP planning needs a dedicated team to do proper market research, gather information both internally and externally, and derive at a system that can help you achieve your business goals efficiently.

Benefits of implementing ERP

  • A proper ERP helps enhance the internal performance efficiently
  • Effective decision making is brought about, as the basic system is optimised
  • The enterprise can adapt quickly to market trends, as there is more standardization
  • The staff get clear cut understanding of how things work internally
  • Helps you Identify obstacles that are on the way of achieving your business goals.

KanRam helps automate your business operations

KanRam understands you, and helps simplify choosing a perfect ERP system for your venture. We have a rich experience and excellent understanding of all aspects of ERP. Our team of professionals walk you through the enterprise resource planning with a step by step process.

Business Process Analysis

We study the business process in depth, to understand the resources that needs to be seamlessly integrated. A proper business process analysis helps you identify ways to enhance efficiency and productivity, at the same time letting you identify the weak points that needs to be addressed.

The 4 stages of KanRam's ERP services are,

  • Initial Business Process Study

    Studying the internal process and identifying how things work. This can give you a better understanding of how the business process can be optimised to enhance ROI.

  • Collecting Market Data

    Market study helps identify how effective your existing process is. Do you realise, several external forces affect how your business runs? Our aim is to tap the information to optimise your business process. We collect data from sources like demand & supply dynamics, logistics, customer feedback, roadblocks that deter progress etc. This industry wise data can provide deep insights into enhancing your revenues and realising your business goals.

  • Analysis

    The collected data is processed to break them down into simplified information. Then they are studied relatively with the existing process to see how effective it is, and to find if there is scope for improvement. Our analysis stage is comprehensive, and we use various techniques to examine how the process can be optimised.

  • Gap Analysis

    helps in identifying the missing cogs in your business process.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    helps in finding the core reasons affecting business performance.

  • Value Add Analysis

    helps finding unnecessary process that is preventing optimized operation.

  • Devising a bespoke ERP service plan

    We devise a bespoke enterprise resource plan to optimise the way things work. We recommend key points that can optimise existing processes or devise new process planning.

We help you in

  • Devise an optimised business plan
  • Get approval from stakeholders with proper statistical representations
  • Prioritize business needs
  • Monitor progress
  • Remove detrimental roadblocks
  • Plan infrastructural upgrades
  • Migrate data to new system
  • Fix a timeline for performance upgrade
  • Training staff to implement the process responsively

Whatever your business goals, we help you take sure strides towards them. Our ERP consultant can accommodate your requirements with proactive approach, strategic planning and amiable attitude. Contact us today to achieve your ROI with effortless ease!